Thursday, April 30, 2009

Above Top Secret Forums-NOT ME

I recently went to google Project Hedon again to see if there was any information on it elsewhere online, perhaps generated by interest in my blog. I saw that there was an entire topic about it at the Abovetopsecret forum. Great, I thought, people are interested.

Unfortunately, what I saw did not make me happy. Someone had signed up under the username HEDON and posted my story-without my consent. Normally, I would not care if someone did this as long as they did not pretend to be me. But, that is exactly what they did. They impersonated me and responded to users' questions with answers that were plain wrong.

So, let me clear some things up.

1) I have never logged on to the site

2) I did NOT post this story on either. HEDON, or whatever name he may be registered in on at the site, is NOT me.

3) He did not post it at "at the beginning of April" like he said. I only posted the story on this blog 11 days ago...Way after the "beginning" of April. If he posted at all, then he posted it only a few days before he posted it on the other forum.

4) I do NOT work at Meals on Wheels.

Most likely, this guy has ruined every shot I had at being taken seriously. I will continue to post updates, though, because someone out there is bound to believe me. And I need everyone to know about the horrible things that the government is doing to their own people.